Debris Removal & Demolition

Eminence, Missouri Debris Removal
Project: Eminence Debris Removal 

Thomasville, Missouri Debris Removal
Project: Thomasville Debris Removal

Dept. of the Air Force Air Force Global Strike Command
Project: Building 3006 Demolition 

Dept. of the Air ForceAir Force Global Strike Command
Project: Building 46 Demolition

Environmental Clean-Up/Restoration

Park Hills, Missouri Yard Job
Project: Park Hills, Missouri Yard Clean-Up

Madison County OU5 – Catherine/Skaggs Tailings Subsites
Project: Madison County, Missouri OU5

Cherokee County, KS OU4 –Treece Sub-Site
Project: Cherokee County, Kansas OU4

West KEN Reclamation
Project: West Ken Reclamation

Missouri office of Administration, Division of Facilities Management Design and Construction
Project: Little Tipple Reclamation Project
Location: Jefferson City, Cole County

Mass Excavation

Department Of Veterans Affairs
National Cemetery Administration
Project: Excavate Burial Section III-A
Location: Jefferson Barracks Cemetery, St. Louis, MO

Missouri National Guard Foundation
Project: MNGF Chapel, Excavation, Foundation, Backfill and grading
Location: National Guard Headquarters, Jefferson City, MO

Project: AG-6424-C-12-0006  Bypass-Jones-Ponting/Carter WRP Restoration, Excavation and Backfill
Location: Livingston & Carrollton Counties, Missouri

Lilienthal Properties
Project: Site Preparation, Mass Rock Excavation,
Steel Bldg Erection. 

Location: Gravois Mills, MO


Gravois Arm Sewer District
Project: Wastewater Treatment Plant, Excavation & Backfill
Location: Gravois Mills, MO

MICC ICO – Ft. Leonard Wood
US Army Mission and Installation Contract Admin
Project: Replace HVAC Bldg 2105
Location: Ft. Leonard Wood

Department of Veterans Affairs
Project: Maintenance, Repair and Rebuilding of Equipment: Furnace, Steam Plant and Drying Equip.
Location: John Cochran VA Hospital, St. Louis, MO