Little Tipple Reclamation Projec

Additional Information

VetWSS crews mobilized to this project around Labor Day 2014 and began work clearing 1,200 feet of an abandoned high wall that was dangerously close to a county road that carried school busses full of children.  Upon completion of the clearing/grubbing the firm used a large Case tractor and two 20-cy pans to move about 17,000 yards of fill material from a borrow source one-half mile to the north.  The fill was deposited by the tractor and pushed into place and shaped by a small dozer.  Very little soil displacement was realized in along the fill slope as was expected.  On both ends of the work rip rap was placed in areas where erosion was expected.  Once completed the borrow area was graded, lime treated, and the entire disturbed area was seeded and mulched.  A new barbed wire fence was then constructed along the roadway. 

Contract #: Y1403-01
Contract Value: $139,850.00
Complete: Nov. 2014