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Veterans Worldwide has the rolling stock and the heavy equipment fleet necessary to arrive on site and go to work immediately.  From owning its own fleet of roll off trucks and debris containers to dozers, trackhoes, and offroad haul trucks we have the equipment needed to quickly staff up almost any size of excavation, debris removal, or demolition project.  The company has an on staff mechanic, its own heavy-haul lowboy truck and trailer, and each site has a fuel truck to minimize down time and the reliance on outside forces that can easily delay or shut down daily production.  The equipment fleet has grown to include multiple skid steers, mini-trackhoes, mid-range trackhoes, dozers, scraper tractors with pans, off-road haul trucks, water trucks, maintenance trucks, fuel trucks, small dump trucks, roll off trucks, and several 20, 30, and 40 CY debris containers.  We also work closely with a trucking company that has several dump trucks and multiple grapple/debris removal trucks.  Finally, we have the working capital that makes project start-up and close-out more bearable.  We appreciate the complexities of government financing and are fortunate enough to have the financial strength to bridge the time gap it often takes to receive each project’s first and last payment. 

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NAICS Codes:
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236220    Commercial And Institutional

236220    Building Construction
237310    Highway, Street, and Bridge Const.
237990    Other Heavy And Civil Engineering
237990   Construction
238160    Roofing Contractors
238220    Plumbing, Heating, And

238220    Air-Conditioning Contractors
238910    Site Preparation Contractors
423490    Other Professional Equipment &

423490    Supplies Merchant Wholesalers
423710    Hardware Merchant Wholesalers
424910    Farm Supplies Merchant

424910    Wholesalers
561730    Landscaping Services
562910    Remediation Services
562998    All Other Misc. Waste Mgmt Svs