Park Hills, Missouri Yard Clean-Up

Veterans Worldwide completed the first residential yard clean-up job project ever bid by the state of Missouri – Division of State Parks.  The project is related to the Park Hills Residential Yard Cleanup Project in St. Francois County, Mo.  Its purpose is to remove yard soils with elevated levels of lead that is related to the historic mining in the area.  The project consisted of 19 residential yards and was completed in about six weeks.  These 19 residential yards are located in Park Hills and Leadington.  The soil repository for the contaminated soils is located in Park Hills at the St. Joe State Park.  Before commencing work, the staff had to successfully complete the state of Missouri’s lead worker course and one of the gentlemen had to be qualified as a lead supervisor.  We operated a ‘dirty’ crew to remove the soil with elevated lead and a separate ‘clean’ crew to import clean topsoil and restore vegetation.  The state’s personnel accomplished on-site testing to ensure the sites were clean before topsoil was imported. 

Contract #: X1610-01
Contract Value: $502,000
Complete: 2016