Additional Information

Veterans Worldwide moved over 160,000 CY of mine tailings on this site to an adjacent pond and filled in the pond.  The work included clearing and grubbing, earthmoving, disposal, consolidation, regrading, and revegetation.  Equipment used included two tractor scrapers and pans, two dozers, and a track loader.  During excavation the pond level started rising and before it overflowed into the nearby creek Veterans Worldwide engineering staff and personnel devised a hydrated lime dosing chamber for the seepage water that was leaving the site at a nearby drainage culvert to raise the pH and keep the discharge water in compliance with the site’s SWPPP.  Once the mine waste was removed we incorporated hay into the remaining soil, added soil amendments and then reseeded the area.  Today it is a beautiful meadow with no signs of the historic mining in the area. 

Contract #: Y1502-01
Contract Value: $1,089,220.48
Complete: 2015