Whiteman Air Force Base


This two-story building had once served as a hotel and was last used as classrooms and office space.  The project required the removal of smoke alarms, boilers, HVAC units, and several valves before demolition could take place.  Once the salvage operation was complete heavy equipment was mobilized to the site and a trackhoe systematically disassembled the facility.  Recyclables were separated and later hauled to the recycling center.  The remaining debris was loaded on company-owned roll-off containers and transported to the local landfill.  Once the debris was removed and the parking lot was dug up and removed fill dirt was imported and the site was graded before it was seeded and mulched.  Throughout the project VetWSS crews coordinated utility disconnects with base personnel.  The water line was straight piped, a sewer manhole was capped, storm sewer was removed, electric lines were pulled out of the ground, and the gas line was capped in two places.   

Contract #: FA4625-14-p-0061
Contract Value: $112,360
Complete: Nov. 2014


This single story structure was once a munitions storage facility and a portion of the 3,000+ square foot structure had a 3’ thick foundation and a concrete ceiling.  A trackhoe was used to disassemble the structure and a hydraulic hammer broke the concrete into manageable pieces. 

Contract #: FA4625-14-p-0062
Contract Value: $43,850
Complete: Jan. 2015