Fort Leonard Wood

VetWSS was the low bidder on this SDVOSB set-aside work order at Building 2105 on Fort Leonard Wood, Missouri.  Crews coordinated the shut-down of the facility between Thanksgiving and January 1, 2015 so that the work could take place.  Leading up to the shut-down the crews demoed the existing HVAC system and poured the concrete foundation for the new equipment to be placed on. Then, once the shut-down started the crews placed the new HVAC units and completed the necessary ductwork.  The heating portion of the project was immediately pressed into service.  The start-up of the air conditioning is awaiting warmer weather in late March.  Subcontractors accomplished the wiring and control work for the project.  

Contract #: W911S7-14-C-0011
Contract Value: $502,598
Complete: 2015