Cherokee County, KS OU4 –Treece Sub-Site

Veterans Worldwide is currently the contractor working on a remedial action for a portion of the mine waste located at the Treece subsite, Operable Unit #04, of the Cherokee County Superfund site.  Our project addresses surficial mine waste areas and contaminated sediment located within and adjacent to the Norwest Tributary of Tar Creek north of Star Road.  The mine waste, contaminated soil, and sediment is being excavated, transported, and disposed of in designated mine waste consolidation areas.  In all, we will move approximately 945,000 CY of mine waste.  To date, over 100,000 CY of mine waste has been moved this construction season.  In summary, contaminated soils of varying depths (1’-5’) are being removed, the underlying soil is being tested with an XRF until all contaminants are removed, topsoil is being brought back to the sites as cover, and all areas are being revegetated.   The private landowners are included in regular discussion about work on their property and efforts are made to accommodate their requests.

Contract #: EP-S7-17-01
Contract Value: $5,688,900.91