Madison County OU5 – Catherine/Skaggs Tailings Subsites

Veterans Worldwide is consolidating mine wastes at the old Catherine Mines property as well as the Skaggs Tailings Subsite.  Mine waste is being consolidated at each location which includes consolidation of transition zones and downstream waste.  To date, about 100,000 CY of material has been excavated and transported to the Skaggs repository for grading and capping.  We anticipate moving about 250,000 CY by the time this construction season ends in early December.  The company has staff that has aided the government in adapting the construction drawings to workable documents that are allowing the landowners to be satisfied in a timely and affordable manner.  We have managed to reconfigure the Skaggs repository to hold more material AND better satisfy the owner of the property.   We have also created an alternate repository plan at the Catherine site that appears to be what that property owner was expecting in order to agree to let that site be consolidated.  Equipment used on this project includes two trackhoes, a dozer, up to three off-road haul trucks, a track loader, road grader, and water truck.  We have hydro-seeded and placed straw matting with our own personnel as well. 

Contract #: EP-S7-16-02
Contract Value: $3,713,450.37